A long but varied itinerary, panoramic and characteristic, not too tiring and of considerable satisfaction. (In the Liernese territory it partly coincides with the “Sentiero del Viandante”, the high option)


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From the Tourist Office (Railway Station) go down the road and then turn up to the left passing under the railway bridge. Follow the paved road, at a crossroads (Post Office), turn left (direction hamlet of Genico) and after a curve to the right find signpost. You follow a path and after a wide staircase  you reach a fork with a fountain and other signs (from here there are painted red and white flags). You will reach and pass the hamlet of Genico and then pass under a bridge of the highway (on the left option path n° 71a, more direct and steep, a shortcut to a higher part of 71) and climb into the woods up to the impressive gorge of the Fosso di Brentalone. A little further on, you reach the Cross of Brentalone (panoramic point and picnic table – 653 mt).
Continuing along the path you reach the sunny meadows of Alpe Mezzedo (868 mt).
Just beyond the Alpe Mezzedo you reach a fork with a signpost. Here the trail continues straight up to the Forcella dell’Alpe (1132 mt), while taking the left you can reach the church of San Pietro di Ortanella on the “Sentiero del Viandante”.
From the Forcella the trail continues in the woods, meeting the dirt road that goes up to the Alpe di Lierna (1249 mt-hours 2, 30). After the Alpe you continue slightly uphill through the meadows and then go more steeply to the right into a larch forest.
When you reach Bocchetta di Palagia (where path n° 73 arrives) go on the left up to Bocchetta di Calivazzo where the trail ends.
Here there is the grandiose panorama of the Northern Grigna and starting point for many other trails, either upwards (Monte Pilastro, Bocchetta di Prada) or downwards (Alpe di Calivazzo, Bocchetta di Verdascia).


Percorso proposto con il supporto della Pro Loco di Lierna.