A panoramic and interesting path, subject in the upper part to a possible fall of stones. Although not presenting particular difficulties, given the severity of the place and the objective hazards is to be considered reserved for experienced hikers.

Maximum caution is recommended (avoid in windy days, during or immediately after heavy rain or snow).


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From the Tourist Office (Railway Station) take the sme route as the path 71 until the junction with the fountain. Here continue to the right up to a curve (the starting point of the red and white painted flags) then again to the right take a steep cobbled path passing near the old mill (the water wheel is visible), then under the highway reaching a crossroad (a fountain with water from the source of Val Onedo) where there is a signpost. Continue on a nice trail into the woods looking for signs that turn twice to the left. Here the wood is thinning, and after a steep stretch you come out onto the high meadows, with a striking view of the cliffs above. The trail continues on a gentle slope up to a junction, where it continues to rise towards right (1.00 hours). (On the other hand, continuing straight ahead you find yourself on the N° 72b path which, with a pleasant trail in a wild environment, passing Val Camosci and Val Pì, descends through panoramic ledges, woods and channels to the Cross of Brentalone, on trail n° 71).
The path continues along the side of the mountain, between a succession of channels and ledges in a breathtaking view, with immense dolomitic cliffs above. And below very steep meadows, and green woods that descend to the blue of the lake. Continuing the ascent, we meet, close to a rock the “Casel del Bais”: a tiny shelter, memories of times not too far in the past when these very steep meadows were cut to get hay. (1.50 hours). Privately owned, it has recently been restored by the hard work of volunteers (everything has been carried on the shoulder!). It is open and accessible in case of rain. We continue the ascent along a grassy ridge and shortly after we join the path n° 73 that comes from the right and reach the steep meadows of the Bocchetta di Palagia (2:30 hours).


Percorso proposto con il supporto della Pro Loco di Lierna.