A direct ascent, steep and tiring, ideal for reaching the routes to the Northern Grigna and excellent training for legs and breath.


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From the Tourist Office (Railway Station) turn left passing under the railway bridge and continue to the main church. Behind it take a steep road, passing beside the sports field, and continue until the characteristic hamlet of Olcianico. Keeping to  the left pass under an arch (the starting point of the red and white painted flags) and along a cobblestone road pass the hamlet of Sornico up to a small chapel. Here there are signposts. (just beyond, the church of San Michele).
The itinerary begins with a beautiful paved track, which soon becomes a deeply recessed path that reaches the houses of Predanè. Here the trail continues through thick woods to a ridge that leads to a large canyon with on the right the view of an impressive wall of reddish rocks (Sasso Rosso). With an ever increasing gradient, the path climbs up the gully, long and painstakingly, up to a delightful belvedere with a view of Lierna, in the presence of the steep cliffs of the summit and of a rocky ridge that the path borders on the right. (shortly afterwards from the left you will find the path n° 72). You continue on steep meadows (maximum attention with snow and ice), with some birch and bushes, and with a steep trail you climb up to reach the wide and grassy Bocchetta di Palagia. ( path N° 71).
From here it is possible to climb left to Monte Cucco, and to the right slightly uphill to the Bocchetta di Calivazzo ( path 71)


Percorso proposto con il supporto della Pro Loco di Lierna.