A path partly in the woods and partly panoramic, which well rewards the effort it requires. (Up to Coria it coincides with the “Sentiero del Viandante” low option)


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From the Tourist Office (Railway Station) go down the road and turn right (via Ducale) up to a crossroad with a Fresco of Jesus and Saints. Turn right along the paved road, until you cross a wide road (view point and signposts). Go uphill and at the next junction take the left ( the starting point of the red and white painted flags) where the path turns right into the woods. (From the crossroads with the Fresco alternatively you can continue straight up to the provincial road where, after passing  a water fountain you reach the chapel of S. Anna and then uphill to the right on a long stone staircase up to the path 74. Before going uphill you can visit the Riva Bianca and the hamlet of Castello, one of the most characteristic places of Lake Como).
On he path 74 you will find a rock engraved in 1754, which marks the border between the municipality of Lierna and that of Varenna. Here the trail rears up, and you will soon reach a beautiful view of Lierna. We reach the locality of “Nero” and its beautiful meadows, and after an almost level stretch, the path starts to climb steep and panoramic. After some bends in the path you cross a valley and you enter an old wood that leads to Alpe Coria. Leaving the path that descends to Fiumelatte (Sentiero del Viandante “low”option) continue straight uphill until the sunny meadows of Ortanella. You can reach the delightful Romanesque church of S. Pietro on the edge of a meadow with a wide view of the lake.
(from here it is possible to go down the path 71 and arive at the Alpe Mezzedo and Lierna).

At the TOffice a detailed description of the “Sentiero del Viandante” is available of both the “low” (Nero-Coria-Fiumelatte-Varenna) and the “high” option (Mezzedo-Ortanella-Vezio-Varenna).


Percorso proposto con il supporto della Pro Loco di Lierna.