A pleasant hike, never tiring, part of the Sentiero del Viandante, which after the locality Saioli continues to Somana and Mandello.


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From the Tourist Office (Railway Station) go down to the left, go up under the railway bridge and continue along a tree-lined avenue to the main church. Behind it take a steep road on the left, passing beside the sports field, and continue until the hamlet of Olcianico. Keepingto the left you pass under an arch (the starting point of the red and white painted flags) and along a cobblestone road you pass the characteristic hamlet of Sornico up to a small chapel (here starts the path 73 ). Pass the church of San Michele, cross a small bridge and then uphill along the narrow road, before cobblestone, then dirt or concrete, which sometimes overlooks the highway, until you reach a crossroads with a fountain in the locality of Saioli where a small shrine stands and where there is the “tree of the poet”. Here a poet hangs his poetic, satirical verses, for the attention of the traveler. From here the itinerary becomes a path and continues along a panoramic stretch through the woods until you come out on a paved road that descends to Somana, a high hamlet of Mandello.


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